Video Wall Processors

Media Technologies is an internationally recognized video wall processor manufacturing specialist with successful product installations in over 48 countries and growing. Our products are purpose built appliances - not based on PC chassis, for fast start-up, low energy and reliable unattended operation.

Our unique products are optimized appliances for video signage:

  • Low Energy: Purpose designed reliable hardware
  • Reliable: No blue screens and self-runs effects unattended
  • Versatile: Analogue and digital sources and monitors supported
  • Creative: Configure any shape video wall using mapping features and display two video sources simultaneously
  • Scalable: Create large video walls by stacking processors
  • Compact: Up to 16 monitors supported in single compact unit
  • Control: Control video matrix switches and other external devices
  • Software: Easy to use software included in price controls other devices

Specialist video wall processor manufacturer